CrystaLac Universal Paint Base and Primer

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Tint: 4 oz Set (White/Gray/Black)
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CrystaLac Universal Paint Base & Primer

Your one-stop solution for a high-quality furniture and craft paint. Our bonding primer is loaded with stain blockers, ensuring tannins don't bleed through to the surface. With its high pigmentation, you'll enjoy great coverage in just 1 to 2 coats.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Use and Water Clean-Up: Simply brush onto a clean, wax-free, and scuff-sanded surface.
  • Adheres to Most Surfaces: Ideal for most clean surfaces without waxes or polishes.
  • Create Endless Color Combinations: Easily tint Universal White with CraftNique Color Boutique Concentrated Colors.
  • Make Your Own Chalk Paint: Just add a touch of calcium carbonate.
  • Non-Yellowing Formula: Our Universal Paint & Primer self-levels and won’t turn yellow with age.

Popular Uses:

  • Stain Blocking Primer: Use as is for optimal stain and tannin blocking.
  • Full Coverage Furniture Paint: Add Color Boutique Colors for rich hues.
  • White Wash & Colored Wash: Combine 1 Part Universal White with 3 Parts of Any CrystaLac Top Coat.
  • White Satin or Matte Top Coat: Mix Universal White Half and Half with CrystaLac Extreme Protection Polyurethane Satin or Matte.

Universal White Mixing and Application Ideas

  • For Stain Blocking Primer, use straight as is.
  • Add Color Boutique Colors and you’ve got a great full coverage furniture paint.
  • Make your own Chalk Paint by adding a little calcium carbonate.
  • For White Wash – Mix 1 part Universal White to 3 parts of any CrystaLac Top Coat. Add a little Color Boutique Concentrated Pigment to that and you’ve got a Colored Wash.
  • For White Satin or Matte Top Coat - Mix half and half Universal White with CrystaLac Super Premium Satin or Matte, or CrystaLac Polyurethane Satin.

All CrystaLac products (including Stains) can be intermixed with each other to create endless color and topcoat possibilities.

Can be purchased as part of the Crystalac Tumbler Kit .

Instructions for Use:

Brush Universal Paint Base and Primer onto a clean, wax free, scuff sanded surface using thin, even coats. Sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper to smooth out any pigment particles. Allow 2 to 4 hours drying time between each coat and topcoats. Do not use stearated sandpaper or tack cloths.

To spray, it may be necessary to thin Universal Paint Base and Primer with CrystaLac Viscosity Reducer / Retarder – which will thin and also extend the dry time.

About the CrystaLac Company:

Derek Becker went to paint school in San Francisco, CA where he learned how to formulate all kinds of coatings. He worked as Head Chemist and Formulator for several companies before Crystalac was born.

The family owned and operated business all started in a barn in Candler, Florida. The barn is where all the magical formulations began. Not only did Derek make paint, he made all the mixing equipment and machinery to make his batches with.

He had a successful business going, supplying paint and finishes to several local companies, when decided in 1989 to move to Mountain City, Tennessee and opened up their family business called Becker Labs. That is where the manufacturing plant for CrystaLac products was built and is still operating.

The company is now run by Dorinda, the youngest daughter of Derek who has been working along side her father for the past 18 years and now carries on the family brand.

CrystaLac CraftNique products are made with the highest quality ingredients and everything is environmentally safe! Making all Eco Friendly products that are easy to use and extremely durable plus great customer service, has always been top priority for the company.

All CrystaLac products can be intermixed with each other to create endless color and topcoat possibilities.

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