CrystaLac Glitter Permanent Bonding Glue Adhesive

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CrystaLac Glitter Glue Adhesive is perfect for adhering and sealing all your crafting projects.  No more worry with other sealants for glitter application or for sealing over paints and other applications.

  • Waterbased,
  • Non-Yellowing,
  • Clear,
  • Permanent,
  • Bonding Glue
  • It is safe to use
  • Contains No V.O.C's,
  • Non-Toxic
  • FDA Compliant

CrystaLac Glitter Glue Bonds to most surfaces including Glass, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Fabric, Paper and more.

Directions for use:

Start with a clean surface. Scuff sanding the tumbler is recommended for best adhesion.

CrystaLac Glitter Glue can be applied directly to the surface or over a primer coat. Squeeze out a line of glue and spread it evenly over entire surface using a soft bristled brush. Wetting the brush first will help the glue spread easily.Next apply glitter to the wet glue.

After 1 hour, press down glitter to make it as flat and smooth as possible. If needed, a second application can be applied using the same process.

Dry Time: Wait 2 hours between coats.

Glitter Glue can also be used as a sealant over glitter to keep it in place and as a barrier coat between the glitter and top coat. It can be diluted with a 2 to 1 ratio of glue and water for an easy spray application or it can also be brushed on.

Glitter Glue dries with a tacky film and needs to be sealed with a permanent top coat. We recommend using CrystaLac top coats.

Clean Up:

Clean up brushes and spills immediately with soap and water. Dried glue can be difficult to remove. Use with gloves to prevent glue from drying on skin. Do not let children use without proper supervision.

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