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Ramax Furniture Masque: Restore and Enhance Your Furniture

New Life Furniture Masque furniture cleaner used by professionals for dirtiest of jobs!

This is THE Grime Cleaner!!

If you have a piece of furniture that has been so badly neglected that New Life Wood Moisturizer can not clean it then New Life Furniture Masque is the solution! It removes that buildup of grime, white water marks and mold that you usually would never expect to get out.

New Life Furniture Masque cleans marble, tile and painted surfaces. It is also excellent for hard surfaces or varnished leather and vinyl.

It liquefies mildew and dirt with a gentle cleaning action.  Furniture masque removes water marks, rings, grime, wax build up, etc.

Directions for Use

    1. Apply masque gently with fingertips and let sit for 5 minutes.  Wipe off thoroughly and wipe dry.

    1. In the case of damaged finishes, stubborn dirt and wax buildup of 1/8 inch or more - rub with 4/0 steel wool VERY softly and gently so you do not harm the finish of the piece, then repeat as necessary to completely clean.

    1. Be sure to remove all of the masque from surfaces and always only leave on long enough to get clean.

    1. Follow up with New Life Wood Moisturizer to complete the clean up!

CAUTION: May be harmful or fatal if swallowed.  Contains petroleum distillates.  If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting and call a physician immediately.

Made for RAMAX, Inc Wood Conditioners in the USA.

About RAMAX:

RAMAX, Inc of San Antonio, Texas has formulated some of the finest furniture restoration products on the market today to refurbish, revitalize and beautify your fine antiques and conventional furniture.

From 1971 up to the present time, the Covert family has restored some of the finest antiques in the Southwest

About NewLifeWoodConditioners.com:

Newlifewoodconditioners.com was started in 2001 as an online retail distribution channel by Smith Antiques and continues to operate under this ownership today. We are not associated with RAMAX for wholesale or manufacturing of the New Life products. This site is independently owned and operated as a dealer of their products and others.

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