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Discover the Ultimate in DIY Crafts: CrystaLac Tumbler Kits

Choose from two fantastic options for your unique crafting needs:

  1. The CrystaLac Mega Tumbler Kit, an all-inclusive set equipped with everything you need and more. Start creating stunning, custom painted tumblers safely with our non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives to hazardous epoxy or solvent-based products.Ideal for indoor use, this kit is perfect for beginners or experienced crafters alike. Plus, all products are available for individual purchase for your convenience.

  2. The CrystaLac Mini Starter Tumbler Kit, a compact package containing the essential basics in smaller sizes for those starting out or on a budget. This kit offers the perfect introduction to crafting personalized tumblers without breaking the bank.

Start your crafting journey today with CrystaLac Tumbler Kits.

The comprehensive Mega Tumbler Kit comes with the following items:

- Grande' Finale High Gloss Topcoat packed in a 12 oz bottle
- Universal White Paint and Primer stored in a 4 oz squeeze bottle
- Universal Black Paint and Primer filled in a 4 oz squeeze bottle
- Universal Gray Paint and Primer in a 4 oz squeeze bottle
- Two 1 oz bottles of Concentrated Liquid Mica Metallics, colors of our choosing
- Two 4 oz bottles of Flip’N Awesome Paint & Primer in colors selected by us
- 2 oz of matching glitter
- 4 oz of Glitter Glue, excellent for sticking and sealing all your glitter, fabrics, and more
- Surface Conditioner Gentle Cleaner in a 4 oz bottle
- Two brushes – a taklon brush and a fluffy paint brush
- A double-sided 220 grit Sanding Pad
- A 400 grit Sanding Sponge
- A small tumbler for your initial creations
- An Instruction / Recipe Brochure to guide you through your crafting journey

The newly launched Mini Starter Kit comprises the following components:

- Grande' Finale High Gloss Topcoat in a handy 4 oz size
- Universal Gray Paint and Primer Basecoat, also in a 4 oz quantity
- Glitter Glue in a 4 oz bottle for all your glitter needs
- 1.2 oz of our Flip'N Awesome Paint & Primer in a color selected by us
- A 400 grit Sanding Pad for your crafting needs
- A 220 grit Sanding Sponge to add that smooth finish
- Two kinds of brushes: a taklon brush and a fluffy brush for versatility
An Instruction / Recipe Brochure to guide you through your crafting journey.

Tumbler Kit Products

Base Products:

- Universal Primers: These versatile primers provide excellent bonding capabilities. They can serve as a standalone base color or be tinted using CraftNique Color Boutique Concentrated Pigments for a more custom hue. Suitable for a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic, and glass.

- Flip’N Awesome: An effective 3-in-1 Paint and Primer solution. Excellent for establishing your base coat colors.


- Grande' Finale: This High Solids Waterbased Topcoat is perfect for adding a clear, glossy, and durable protective layer to your project. It can be tinted with Color Boutique Concentrated Pigments to create a plethora of color options.
Mica Based Metallics:

- Color Boutique Metallics: These are highly concentrated Mica Pigments formulated into a user-friendly liquid solution, eliminating the hassle of airborne particles. Choose from six vibrant, sparkly colors, plus a color-shifting mica option. For best results, add a small amount directly into Grande' Finale or Brite Tone, or use undiluted for intense color resembling gold leafing.

- CrystaLac Glitter Glue Adhesive: This adhesive is ideal for sticking and sealing all your craft creations. It's a clear, permanent, non-yellowing, and water-based glue that is safe, non-toxic, and FDA compliant. It bonds well to a variety of surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, fabric, paper, and more.

- Surface Conditioner: A gentle cleaner to eliminate surface contaminants, fingerprints, and sanding dust, ensuring proper inter-coat bonding. This conditioner is not intended for use on bare wood. It's environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Tumbler Preparation and Application

Properly prepping your tumbler is a critical step before using any paints or topcoats on it. We suggest a light scuff sanding with 400 grit sandpaper to ruff up the surface and then wipe clean with alcohol to remove any traces of dust or fingerprints.

Apply CrystaLac products at room temperature (65 to 80 degrees) and allow 2 - 4 hours drying time between coats of paint and/or finish. Finishes will self-level as they dry. Do Not Use heat guns to force drying. Full cure is 30 days. You can gently use before that, but it will continue to harden over a 30 day period. Hand wash only with soap and water and do not expose tumblers to extreme heat.

All products manufactured by The CrystaLac Company are Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Non-Yellowing and completely safe to use indoors. Use a mask when sanding or spraying

About The Crystalac Company and Crystalac Products

The family owned and operated business all started in a barn in Candler, Florida. The barn is where all the magical formulations began.

The company moved to Mountain City, Tennessee. That is where the manufacturing plant for CrystaLac products was built and is still operating.

The company is now run by Dorinda, the youngest daughter of Derek who has been working along side her father for the past 20 years and now carries on the family brand.

CrystaLac Top Coats are made with the highest quality ingredients and everything is environmentally safe! Making all eco-friendly products that are easy to use and extremely durable plus great customer service, has always been top priority for the company. Making environmentally safe coatings for over 30 years.

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