Dealer testimonial written July 5, 2006…

From Bond Family Treasures in Houston, TX

—Quoted Text—

Dear  Dan,

I must tell you a story about your products.  I have been ordering from Ramax for about 6 years.  My business started out as a hobby but grew into a small business out of my garage.  My daughters and I attend auctions looking for inexpensive furniture that can be cleaned up and resold.

One of my daughters works for Houston Independent School District.  She has a friend whose mother lived in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit last August.  Her mother had about three to four feet of water in her home.  The daughter went to Mississippi, picked up the furniture to restore what she could.

Some of the furniture had been in the family for several years.

I gave my daughter’s friend two jars of New Life Furniture Masque and 2 bottles of Wood Moisturizer.  After using your products she said the furniture looked better than it did before the flood!  I have never heard anyone rave about a product as much as she and her friends did about yours.

Your products have saved me many hours of work in rejuvenating old wood instead of stripping and refinishing the furniture.  All the products I have purchased from Ramax have been awesome.

Yours truly,

Thelma Bond

—End Quoted Text—

You don’t have to take our word for it.  The New Life family of products do what we say they will do… at least our dealers and customers think so.  I hope you take the opportunity do give your furniture a gift of New Life Wood Conditioners.