New Life Wood Conditioners Review from at Mary's Antiques

Sometimes customer and distributor feedback is louder and more profound than any words that we could ever publish.  The following is a verbatim letter received from at Mary’s an antique store in Bardstown, KY.


To whom it may concern:

I have had New Life products in my store since 2004.  My mom, an amateur refinisher, is always searching for newer and better products.  So she has tried them all.  Right before I opened my store she discovered New Life…She was sold! And I stated I had to carry New Life in my store.

I carry the complete line…Furniture Masque, Wood Moisturizer, Cream Polish, Tung Oil, Silver Polish and the Brass and Copper Cleaner.   I have touted the products to all my customers and they have not been disappointed.  One such customer had many items in storage and she was concerned about how dirty her pieces would be.  I suggested New Life Furniture Masque and guaranteed she would love it!

She returned to ask if we sold it by the gallon!!

She went around to each piece cleaning a small section and was amazed at how beautiful her furniture acutally was.

I use the Wood Moisturizer on all my antique display tables to renew the wood’s natural patina.  I always do this during store hours and customers inevitably want to know what that wonderful smell is…after they see what the product does, they quickly buy it.

I use the Cream Polish on my old marble pieces.  I never knew that marble could get so dirty.  The Silver Polish and the Brass and Copper Cleaner are the best and easiest products to use.

I had one customer who was in town for the weekend and stopped in my store with an ornate silver tray they had purchased at Good Will.  She wanted to know if I had anything that would restore its luster.  Of course I showed her New Life and she was properly surprised.  She made several more purchases that day and brought her friends back the next time she was in  town.

That’s what I find to be most remarkable about New Life…it brings back the furniture or silver, brass or copper to what it was from the start.  I clean all my newly acquired antiques with New Life products before they go out on the floor to sell.

Just like my mother, I too am sold on New Life products.


Mary Carey


End Quote

Don’t take our word for it but do take the word of those that use our products professionally every day.