Antique Dealers Love New Life

I work a lot with antique furniture at my shop. It is in my best interest to find the best furniture treatment I can find. A a result I have spent many years trying many furniture waxes and oils for their effectiveness. I have bought every wax and polish I can find in order to test them and see which is the best. I line them up and test them side by side.

The New Life products that I have come across win by a wide margin.

My goal was to find a furniture treatment that is easy to put on, looks great and most importantly keeps up its appearance the longest.

New Life Cream Polish was the best in all three categories. Your New Life Furniture Masque is also amazing for removing build-up without damaging the natural age patina and original finish. Cream Polish and Furniture Masque are my dynamic duo. Both products have paid for themselves many times over when I take into account the time I have saved over similar products. Both are also great on metal and plastic.

All of my friends that have used the New Life products gush with compliments. I have not heard a single complaint. New Life products are 50 to 100 years ahead of its time.

Peter Burnet, Goodstuff Consignments, Richmond, VA