New Life Wood Conditioners Advocate

Dear RAMAX, Inc

Your products have been very helpful to me and I had to write to let you know this.  Due to my job, I have moved multiple times.  My furniture was in storage for about 5 years while I was serving overseas in the military.  When I returned to the United States, a relative sent me my first bottle of New Life Wood Moisturizer.

My furniture was revived!!

Since that time, I have lived in New Mexico, Maryland and Michigan.  Each time i moved I used your products to solve my furniture dilemmas.  In New Mexico, the climate was very dry and your products preserved my furniture against the harsh Southwest.  In Maryland, I bought an antique that was very dirty and the New Life Furniture Masque cleaned the surfaces and revitalized the piece.  In Michigan, I used your products to make my furniture look alive again after my cross country move.  The New Life Cream Polish has been wonderful for my favorite leather chair and has made the leather supple and clean again and again!

One other thing...

The orange blossom scent of the wood moisturizer is wonderful and now smells like home to me.  Thanks for your dedication for those of us who love our furniture, antique or otherwise, but who need help to keep our pieces looking loved.

Life happens (floods, moves and storage), but New Life is my secret weapon!


Kathryn Burgchardt