How to Use New Life Wood Conditioners

The New Life Wood Conditioners family of products are safe and easy to use to bring the life back to antiques, fine furniture, flea market finds and woods of all kinds.  We will be giving some suggested ways to use these products for best results.

We also ask that you give us feedback on the ways that you may have used our products in the past so that we can share those tips with the other users of our products.

We will start with the wood restoration products that are the flagship of Ramax, Inc.

New Life Wood Moisturizer - The Original Orange Oil

Shake well.  Apply to wood surface with a soft, lint free cloth.  Wipe away old dirt and residue with a clean cotton cloth.

New Life Wood Conditioner leaves a beautiful satin luster.  If wood is extremely dehydrated repeat the process as many times as needed until you get the desired results then apply monthly thereafter to maintain.  May be used more often if wood or furniture is continuously exposed to dry heat.

New Life Furniture Masque - The Grime Buster

Apply masque gently with fingertips and let sit for 5 minutes.  Wipe off thoroughly and wipe dry. In the case of damaged finishes, stubborn dirt and wax buildup of 1/8 inch or more - rub with 4/0 steel wool VERY softly and gently so you do not harm the finish of the piece, then repeat as necessary to completely clean.

Be sure to remove all of the masque from surfaces and always only leave on long enough to get clean.

Follow up with New Life Wood Moisturizer or New Life Cream Polish to complete the clean up.

New Life Cream Polish

Shake well before using in all applications.

For Polishing:

Pour a small quantity of cream polish on a soft cotton cloth that has been slightly dampened in cold water. Clean one article at a time, rubbing until all dirt and stains have been removed.  Allow to stand a few minutes then rub briskly with a dry cloth for a bright shine.

For Dusting:

Take a soft cotton cloth and pour a small quantity polish into the folds.  Work the polish into the cloth well.  Use this cloth for daily dusting, it will gather and hold the dust to keep surfaces clean.

New Life Brass and Copper Cleaner

Dip a small piece of terry cloth in brass and copper polish.  Rub the surface until a good shine has been obtained.  Use a larger piece of clean terry cloth to wipe off the excess polish and buff to a high shine.

If the item is heavily tarnished, coat the item and let it stand for 20 - 30 minutes. Dip a small polish cloth in polish then repeat instructions above.  Once an item is thoroughly cleaned and polished us a soft brush to remove dried polish from crevices.

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