How to Create Epoxy Free Tumblers with CrystaLac
Epoxy Free Custom Tumblers

Epoxy Free Custom Tumblers

CrystaLac Water based top coats and CraftNique Coloring systems are a great combination to create a beautiful custom tumbler without using epoxy! CrystaLac is not epoxy so the descriptions will be about a whole new process for creating a tumbler than you are used to hearing.  Comparing CrystaLac vs epoxy for tumblers will open up a new realm of safe creating.

When you are creating CrystaLac Tumblers - Use as many or as few of the products below as needed or go use them all with the CrystaLac Tumbler Kit (Epoxy Free).

Below we will describe CrystaLac for tumblers, the products and simple applications instructions.


Universal White

A bonding primer and paint that is used as a base-coat. This paint can also be tinted with any Color Boutique Concentrated Pigments listed here. Universal White All in One can be used on many surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic and glass. Apply by brushing on.  Generally it will require at least 2 coats for full coverage. Recommended with a 2-3 hour dry time between coats.

Black Gloss

Black Gloss can be used as a base-coat for wood, metal, ceramic and glass as well. This product is applied by brushing and requires at least 2 coats for full coverage with a 2-3 hour dry time between coats.  It is a highly pigmented black as the name implies and looks fantastic.

Flip’N Awesome Paints

Flip'N Awesome Paints can be used as a base coat on thoroughly sanded stainless steel. They may require more than one coat with dry time of 2-3 hour dry time between coats.

Brite Tone

Brite Tone is a top coat primarily but can be used as a base coat on thoroughly sanded stainless steel. Cover evenly and completely in a thin layer approximately 2 sheets of paper thick. Let dry 4 hours and reapply if you feel you need better coverage with another 4 hour dry time.

Top Coats

Extreme Protection

Extreme Protection Clear Gloss Top Coat that can be used directly over a dried base coat to adhere glitter. This product is used as a less costly way to build up layering when creating a glitter design It has many other uses as well, but is mainly used in that way. Also available in different sheens.

Brite Tone

Very High Solids Top coat that is best used for layering a Super Clear, High Gloss, Durable Protective Finish to your project. This can also be used as a base coat realizing it is clear and the sanding marks will be showing through. Use an opaque next step if you want these covered.This is what is used over everything for the brilliant finish and shine or a CrystaLac Brite Tone tumbler. 

It is available in gloss, satin or matte.  

Color Boutique Concentrated Pigments

These are NOT paints. These are colorants used to make paint. The CraftNique Color Boutique is a unique coloring system made up of highly concentrated, nano-sized pigment colors that can easily be mixed into any of the CrystaLac bases to create your own paint, stain, glaze and topcoats. With the 8 standard colors that can be used alone or mixed together there are endless combinations. With this being said, you can mix the pigments into the Universal White to create colors to closely match your glitter application so the coverage appears to be fuller. These pigments can also be added to the top coats and the Clear Gel Stain as well.

Clear and Colored Gel Stain

Clear Gel Stain is used to mix the pigments into to create great colors for a wood stain look, best used over the Universal White base-coat. Of course, the Universal White can be colored as well with the pigments then the Clear Gel Stain can too.  In addition to this there are pre-mixed gel stains available.

Combining the shades you need can create a great wood-grain look.

This medium can also be used to more easily swirl colors, because it is thinner, by mixing with the pigments or acrylic paints then blowing with a straw or canned air or tipping the cup for movement. This is not used as a topcoat and will need to be covered with a topcoat for a final finish.


Mica Based Liquid Metallics

The metallics are highly concentrated mica pigments incorporated into a liquid solution making them easy to use without having to deal with airborne particles.

Five vibrant colors are available - (Silver, Gold, Copper, Champagne and Rose)

These can be directly added into the Extreme Protection or Brite Tone. They can also be used straight for intense color similar to gold leafing. The can also be added to the Black Gloss for an added shimmer if you desire.

Flip’N Awesome Paints

Flip'N Awesome 3 in 1 pre-made paint colors have 12 amazing colors plus a few seasonal and limited edition colors at times. Use as is or mix together to make your own blend. CraftNique Color Boutique concentrated pigments can also be added to flip your shade into it's own unique color.

As with all CrystaLac products, you can mix these colors with the others as well as the top coats!

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